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Autonomous vehicles must navigate through dynamic environments, with multiple road users, including other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. SAIPS develops real-time algorithms for dynamic scene understanding, solving some of the most challenging open problems in the industry, such as action recognition, detection, localization, tracking and prediction in adverse conditions, using 2D and 3D sensor data fusion. In recognition of its significant breakthroughs and major contributions to this field, SAIPS has recently received the Henry Ford Technology Award –Ford Motor Company’s highest technological achievement award.


SAIPS is a world-class problem solver in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. Our core expertise is design, research, development, and implementation of algorithmic solutions based on deep learning and reinforcement learning.


By repeatedly providing innovative,  efficient and differentiating solutions  to previously uncracked challenges, SAIPS enables its partners to break technological and business barriers.

Since joining Ford Motor Company in 2016, SAIPS has taken a leading role in Ford’s autonomous vehicle programs. In parallel to our tight collaboration with Ford and its partners, we also conduct cutting-edge research for select customers from other industries.

Our team

SAIPS is proud to have the best computer vision and machine learning team in Israel, showcasing a long and proven track record of delivering innovative solutions with flawless execution.


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