SAIPS is a world-class provider of customized algorithmic solutions in the fields of computer vision and machine learning.

SAIPS core expertise is design, development and implementation of algorithmic engines that are based on Deep Neural Networks (‘Deep Learning’). SAIPS portfolio consists of several algorithmic suites that provide state of the art solutions for the hottest computer vision challenges in the areas of detection, tracking, image enhancement, registration, segmentation, pattern recognition, positioning, 3D, prediction, video intelligence and more.

By repeatedly providing innovative, cost-effective and differentiated solutions to uncracked challenges, SAIPS enables its customers to break technological and business barriers. SAIPS customers list includes companies from the aerospace, medical, semiconductors, mobile, sports, gaming and retail industries.

Vast majority of SAIPS engineers are graduates of elite IDF units (Talpiot, 8200) and all of them are with 10+ years of experience in development and management of complex algorithmic systems. SAIPS personnel has a proven track record of delivering top-notch solutions with flawless execution.

News! Ford Motor Company acquired SAIPS. See Ford's press release (Aug 2016)

SAIPS is proud to join Ford Motor Company family and excited to become part of Ford’s autonomous vehicle R&D team!


SAIPS develops a broad span of computer vision and machine learning technologies, mainly based on state of the art Deep Learning methodologies

Detection and Tracking Suite

General and domain-specific algorithms for detection, identification, tracking and categorizing foreground objects in both static and dynamic environments

Anomaly Detection Suite

Modules designed for detection and classification of items or events which do not conform to an expected pattern in signals, images and videos

Alignment Suite

Algorithms for robust images alignment under challenging pose, content and modality variations

3D Suite

Algorithms for 3D transformations, 3D reconstruction, 3D modeling and image/marker based self-location

Image Enhancement Suite

Image and video quality enhancement algorithms



Ofir Friedman, VP R&D, FST Biometrics

“We were facing a computer vision problem that we had for a long time. SAIPS R&D developed and executed a plan in a very short time and delivered a solution that surpassed our expectations. SAIPS algorithm developers work closely with our team starting with the problem definition, through data collection down to implementation, testing and integration with the product system. SAIPS works with us jointly in the continuous effort to improve the solution, tackling every obstacle along the way quickly and efficiently.”

Shai Abramson, CTO, Robomow

“I had the privilege to work with the SAIPS group on algorithms development and implementation and I highly recommend them at all levels. They are a very professional, creative and motivated group, capable of taking a problem from scratch to a working solution, with good estimates on schedule and effort. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Daniel Cohen, Head of Business Unit, Trax Technology

“SAIPS has worked closely with Trax on the development of an innovative key product. SAIPS' contribution to the development process was invaluable, starting from the product definitions through the R&D stage and up to qualification and support. All along the way, they exhibited broad understanding of our needs, initiative and proactivity that resulted in high-quality product delivery in a tight schedule. We've had the pleasure of benefiting from SAIPS expertise and enjoying a fruitful and pleasant cooperation with them.”



Udy Danino
Founder & CEO

Udy Danino holds a B.Sc and an M.Sc (both cum laude) in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA (summa cum laude) from the Technion. He joined Applied Materials in 2005 and since then held positions of increasing responsibility within algorithm development department. In his last role at Applied Materials, he managed the algorithms groups of two leading products lines. Between 2007 and 2010 he lectured in the school of electrical engineering in Tel-Aviv University. In 2012 he founded SAIPS, and since then has been serving as SAIPS CEO.

Rotem Littman

Rotem holds a B.Sc cum laude in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University (IDF's elite "Talpiot" program), an M.Sc in electrical engineering and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University. After managing a communications R&D team in the IAF, he joined Stergen in its early days, and has taken a senior role in the development of computer vision algorithms and software for the company's products, from product conception to deployment. As of 2014, Rotem has been serving as the company's CTO.

Noga Zieber
Principal Algorithms Engineer

Noga holds a B.Sc. summa cum laude in Electrical Engineering and a B.A. summa cum laude in Physics from the Technion and is a graduate of the military excellence program "Psagot". During her 5 years service in IDF's elite 8200 unit, she held R&D positions in the fields of signal processing and digital communications. Before joining SAIPS in 2013 as Algorithms Manager, Noga held development and management positions at Applied Materials' image processing algorithms group.

Yaffa Vizner

Yaffa holds BA summa cum laude in Behavioral Science and MA in Organizational Sociology, both from Ben-Gurion University. Yaffa has more than 12 years of experience in HR Management in Global Hi-Tech companies in all HR fields. Before joining SAIPS in 2016 as VP HR, Yaffa held HR Manager and HR Business Partner positions at Applied Materials and WIX.com. As of 2016, Yaffa has been serving as SAIPS VP HR.



  • Technology - developing DNN-based innovative solutions for complex vision problems, for a wide range of applications and industries.

  • Winning team - opportunity to work with top notch professionals and enjoy learning and development atmosphere in a great social environment.

  • Influence - small, dynamic and fast-growing company, that expects its employees to lead and generate significant impact. SAIPS was recently acquired by Ford, and is developing core modules in Ford’s autonomous vehicle program. SAIPS offers the advantages of a small company, while enjoying access to projects and resources of a large company.

  • Flexibility - working conditions that allow work life balance.

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